Thursday, September 30, 2010


Welcome to Jerse.....I mean Vegas.
Best dude ever.
I heard Jens was at the Sram booth so I ran over and stood in a long line that seemed to never end. I finally got up to him, told him, "Hey, you're the best dude ever!", to which he replied, " that good right?"...Yeah dude....real good. I then asked the gentleman who was in front of me to take a photo of me with best dude you can see, he fuckin blew it and made my shit blurry.
So I went to the end of the line and started over...this time it worked.

"The Cannibal" most people that sit next to miserable.

so sick
Cocaine with white metal flake.
Second best dude ever.
I saw a lot of wheels at the show.... these new Mavic are far and away the best shits in the building. I want, I want, I want. 
Gotta love them sprinters. Manx missiles bike is a big bag of whatever...but fuckers fast.
roll your pant up, grab a u-lock, strap a carabeaner to you belt loop, tattoo your calf....and lets ride 6 miles to Orange 20 and be dicks to everyone on the way.
ashy to classy

worst kit in the building goes to.........
Hey look at me im rich and stupid and love Ed Hardy award goes to.......
I smoked a lot of weed, ate 6 tabs of acid while huffing camera lens cleaner and came up with this invention award goes to..... 
(this is a gutter for sweat to be worn on your head)
Hate Trek, Love Black
Free lunch if you can ignore the fact that 1 out of every 6 people wash their hands after using the restroom. (thats true bitch)

if i was rich...this is what my closet would look like.

Awesome 3 days of drinking, breathing cigarette smoke, and cursing like a stop:

The Everest Challenge- 205 miles w/ 29,500 ft of climbing. What could possibly go wrong?