Monday, November 29, 2010

Im Black Bitch.

"Guess who's back in the motherf*cking house..with a fat d*ck for your motherf*cking mouth"-Snoop Dog.

Things to point out about this photo:
1. posting photos of yourself on your own blog is gay.
2. yes, there was more than 2 people in my race.
3. yes, I AM gay.
4. yes, its seems as though the chap next to me is also gay.
5. this photo could have been taken in my backyard but I assure you it was not.
6.yes, I AM gay.
7. that white jersey I am wearing is the State Championship jersey.
8. yes, white jerseys are gay.
9. even losers win sometimes.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My back AND my neck...

That's actually a lie...its just my back. No neck involved. Either way I'm fairly screwed at this point and the only thing that is remotely redeeming is the fact that I'm all hopped up on drugs that were legally given to me. Yeah....there's a first time for everything right? I mean....when I'm not on all these pain meds its the worst pain Ive ever felt in my life. Mind you Ive broken almost every bone in my body, including 3 broken hearts and a punctured lung. None of them hurt as bad as this.
     Not really sure what happened really. One minute I was warming up for a race, and the next I could barely move. It was horrible. Not only could I not walk.....but I had just payed about $80 to race both Saturday and Sunday!! What the hell was I gonna do?? So like any red blooded American that hates to give up, and/or lose..I strolled over to the medical tent..ate some Ibuprofen...and completed my race in absolute pain. Came back the next day.....and did it again. My back was broken..but my will to beat anyone wearing a Lagrange jersey was not. Victory was mine. Fuck them.
      Went to the doctor Monday morning. Come to find out I'm an idiot and should have not raced on Saturday OR Sunday.  Its kinda tech, but I wore down the cartilage in between my facet joints on my spine. So instead of there being proper lube that lets the joints in my spine go back and forth without rubbing on each other, mine are going raw dog and I'm doing the ol' bone to bone spinal jam. No bueno.

      verdict: 10 days off the bike..tons of vicodin and norco's, booze, and unprotected sex and i should be back to %100 by Christmas.