Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh what tangled webs we weave.

-" Hey, in your neighborhood, wanted to say hi. You around?"

- "sure come on by"

-"cool, gimmie 20"

- wow, she's really coming by.

Had a wonderful evening that I cant talk about,

but will remember for quite some time.

Why does, "We'll just have 2 drinks." turn into 14.

Woke up with a new pen, and some suggested movie titles.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Jake

I'm not sure that I have given enough praise to you for turning my bike from unrideable gayness, to ride-able non gayness. Having bought my bike about 4 1/2 years ago on a total fluke, and it sitting on my street collecting dust, rust, and cob webs for 2 miraculously came to my house after talking at a sales meeting about my hated Harley....put it in your van....and drove into the sunset. You some how transformed a bike I seriously couldn't have given 2 shits about into one of my most prized possessions. I owe you a great deal of thanks, gratitude, and blow jobs (no homo) for what you have brought to my life.
Coming back from my Mexico trip I was just crossing the border to get back into the states, and I had a moment of...I don't know...gayness?...So siked to have taken this trip, on this bike, with this fucking seat, all the way to Cabo and back...and its all because you took the time to simply ask me, "You gotta bike, how come you never ride it?". So Jake, thank you very much for all the help with the bike. If you ever need an overhaul on your 10 speed bike, call me.

Before Jake

After Jake

Monday, November 9, 2009

Baja Mexibro

the starting line

the agenda

the coldest day ever on a bike.....wind chill sucks.

dirt road for 10 hostel


there is no road for 10 miles, or house or anything..not sure how this dude got here.

a church in the middle of nowhere that was soon turned into a fireworks show. Sorry God.

Pastor Arto

Kai, the bike ninja..he wore this for 13 days. No joke.

Epicly Patrick


On a steel horse I ride.

Mexican gas station.

San Ignacio

Muleje. This place got wrecked by a hurricane.

Post card #1

water is warm, the booze is cold, and im 120 miles from my first shower in 5 days

La Paz. No Starbucks, but a Burger King with fries!!!

This is El Diablo...i thought coming from LA was gnar, this dude rode from Vancouver with Kai

El Pescadero skate park. Not so skateable

This is the literal end of Baja. The rocks in the background are it. Siked to make it.

You wanna gotta pay for it.

My windshield

gas station stop #375

Editor, and Producer/Stresser

Post card #2

Post card #3

Kai, Arto, and Keegan.

Arto getting tubed

Heaths ride.

This bike was the leader of the pack...where it went, we followed.

Im no Ansel Adams, so forgive the bad photos. All in all, best motorcycle trip ever. Lots of fun, lots of miles, and most importantly my Sweet Butter made the whole trip without any problems. I highly recommend this trip to anyone who rides. Once you get past Tijuana, the sketch is over and the fun begins. No problems whatsoever with any borders or any locals. If anything, they were siked to see us. Most of them wanted to take pictures of themselves on the bikes which was pretty epic.

Things to bring to Mexico if you go:
1. Starbucks've seen the advertisement....believe the hype..shit works, and Mexican coffee is made with THEIR water which is no bueno.
2. Mosquito repellent. Fuckers are gnar.
3. Warm clothes...just cuz its Mexico, don't mean its warm. Like most women, the farther south you go, the warmer it head to the bottom pronto.
4. Stickers....they love stickers.
5. Someone who speaks Spanish...this is pretty key.
6. Purell