Wednesday, April 29, 2009


wowzers what a month.....i have been laggin hard on a post, but I'm black..and back bitches.

Lets update you quickly;

-Trying to raise money to do this AIDS ride this summer, if you can help..sick, if not..well....jsut donate and lets not go the "if not" place. Click me if you like OSB. Help me.

1. Laker are in the playoffs...fuck yeah

2. Clippers (season ticket owner) are the worst fucking team in the league. If anyone from the Clippers organization is reading owe me $4,000 for 42 losing games. Make checks payable to  Oh Sweet Butter Inc.  Thanks

C. Got fired from Nixon for not sucking cock and/or drinking their kool-aid.

3. Started an Ebay empire.....and I'm killing it, thank you. This is going to help with my AIDS ride woohoo!!

4. American Idol is ruling this season, along with DWTS, and Biggest come 7pm...I'm triple booked. Yes I'm gay.

    Adding to my lagging is the fact that I think I have a gf. Not sure, but it seems like I do. I have the headaches that usually come with such, and the deeper we get, the less sex I yeah, I have a gf. argh.

Adams gonna win AI.

Tormentous is the best BBM buddy in the world (Jerry, you're second..only cuz you don't watch AI or DWTS)

To celebrate my new found freedom from Nixon, I'm thinking about a new bike. 

Swine Flu is out and about....we are SO prepared for this thing. You shouldn't be eating pig anyway. They lie in their own shit all day...nice marinate.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

karma is a bitch......aint it?

So I was out in my garage tinkering last week when someone pulled up in front of my house in this beat up Nissan. Thinking I knew the person, due to the fact that he parked in my driveway, I came out of the garage to say hello. When the guy got out, I realized that I didnt know him so why is he parking in my driveway? "Excuse me.....can you not park in my driveway please." I said to him. "I'm only gonna be here for a few minutes, and there's nowhere else to park." Thats cool, I get it. No worries. So thinking nothing of it, I went upstairs and was over it. Next morning I wake up and come outside and this bastard is STILL in my driveway. Pissed. I called the parking dept. to have this asshole towed immediatley. The problem with this is that you have to be there when the tow-truck shows up, otherwise they cant do it. I waited....and waited....but I had shit to do, so I left. I returned home  and the car was gone.
Well well well my friends, Karma is a mother fucker because when I arrived home this afternoon I noticed the same car up the street..but it looked a bit different. Here are some before and after photo's.
Before (in my driveway)

How to......