Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Far Away

The farther I am away from my cellphone, email, fax, mail, and keys, is seems as though the quality of my life improves exponentially.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Red Light District

Today is Sunday. Another beautiful day in sunny southern California. Oscar and I decided on a late afternoon 40 mile bike ride. Nothing too crazy, nothing too mellow....just right in the middle i'd say. What could possibly go wrong?
So we were about 3/4 of a click away from my house when this douche bag showed up. We heard a loud speaker say, "pull over.", but we were already on the side of the road, so we decided to just stop instead. Without fail, the first thing out of Officer Douche Bags mouth was, "You know why I pulled you over?" Indeed I do douche.....and im not at all happy that you pulled me over for it. He asked for our info, pulled out his pen, and away he went.
He came back with the, " Sign this, and you guys should know better not to run red lights." 
Oscar was all smiles and let me snap a flick.
Officer Douche wanted in on the fun, so I decided to oblige.
Worst part of the story is that we were on Sunset Blvd next to our friends furniture store, so he watched and laughed through the window the whole time. Then we rode into headwinds for 3 hours, Oscar got a flat, then tried to do a track stand, and fell.  All in a days work.

Should have never left the couch.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

100 Miles and Camping

This weekend a buddy and I decided to get away and do something different. We decided since there was the Solvang Century going on, why not drive the RV up , and do a little riding. So we got on the road Friday night, set up camp, and woke up Saturday morning for the ride.
I shouldn't complain, I was after all, on a mini vacation, but we woke up to shit weather and tons of wind. Wind and bicycles don't blend well. If you're riding a hundred miles, wind REALLY doesn't blend well. It really didn't. Someone once told me that riding up hills builds muscle, and riding into wind builds character. As of Sunday morning, i can assure you i am a full blown %100 character. The wind was coming from all directions. Normally if you get a head wind the first 50 miles out, then you can look forward to a nice tail wind for the last 50 home.....not a chance. Head wind 50 out, head wind 50 home. Solvangs nice and all, but NEVER again.
Of course we woke up Sunday morning to sunshine and not a hint of wind....of course. Went for a little recovery ride, snapped some photo's, and shot a lil vid. Enjoy.

Here's a little ride video.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sore Loser

This is how you properly celebrate a point.

Who's Panties Are These??

What the fuck?

who left their panties in front of my house??


I hate dirt, and AIDS, so I'm not touching them to find out what size they are. If they're large, then they have nothing to do with me. Small, or Medium...i could be to blame. I want to know who's they are though. The detective in  me wants to send them to a crime lab. The pervert in me makes me want to smell them. The psychopath in me wants to see if they fit. The germophobe in me wants to quarantine the whole area and have a crop duster Purell the city block in which i live.
Did someone make whoopee in front of my residence and not invite me? Notify me? Alert me in anyway? Why?
Who ever it was needs to upgrade. These panties are cheap. I'm no connoisseur of womens panties, but something tells me that these are under $10, and purchased in packs of 10. Any self respecting woman knows that a good panty is bought one at a time, and not in 12 packs like tube socks.....right??
The bottom line is this:  I love chicks that dont wear panty's., so even though i think its gross that she decided to leave them in front of my house, I am glad that there is one more babe out there without undy's on!!!