Thursday, May 28, 2009

Off to the ride!!!

I am VERY happy to report that I am off to SF for my week long ride back to LA on the old bicycle. Wish me luck, and I will post all the gayness when I return. Tailwinds to you all.......

Friday, May 22, 2009

Giro d' Italia

Ok, so I was posting all the stages of the Giro, but then it just got lame. Not the race, actually quite the opposite. The race from what Ive been READING  has been fantastic, and although i can watch the last 5 minutes of the race on YouTube.....its just not the same. Pissed and disappointed. You would think that because I have a SATELLITE on the roof of my home I would be able to watch any sporting event in the world. If i wanted to watch a cricket match in Poland, at the price I pay for the dish, I should be able to do just that but cant. Receiving 996 different channels is sweet, receiving 727 with one showing the Giro would be sweeter. 

Happy Birthday Morrissey

Happy Birthday to Morrissey, Happy Birthday to Morrissey.....Happy Birthday to Morrissey..Happy Birthday to you.

This charming man turns 50 today. God bless his soul.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Could it be??

There are hundreds of dudes on bikes in Silverlake.......the question many live on Berkeley?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Giro Stage 4

overall standings.

1 LOVKVIST Thomas SWE THR 13:05:28 0:00
2 DI LUCA Danilo ITA LPR 13:05:30 0:02
3 ROGERS Michael AUS THR 13:05:34 0:06
4 POPOVYCH Yaroslav UKR AST 13:05:54 0:26
5 LEIPHEIMER Levi USA AST 13:05:54 0:26
6 ARMSTRONG Lance USA AST 13:05:56 0:28
7 PELLIZOTTI Franco ITA LIQ 13:06:00 0:32
8 CUNEGO Damiano ITA LAM 13:06:10 0:42
9 BRUSEGHIN Marzio ITA LAM 13:06:10 0:42
10 SASTRE CANDIL Carlos ESP CTT 13:06:17 0:49
11 BASSO Ivan ITA LIQ 13:06:21 0:53

Monday, May 11, 2009

Giro Stage 3

Petacchit wins AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Lance in 5th...not bad

RankRiderNationTeamTimeTime gap
1PETACCHI AlessandroITALPR8:50:060:00
2FARRAR TylerUSAGRM8:50:140:08
3ROGERS MichaelAUSTHR8:50:240:18
4LOVKVIST ThomasSWETHR8:50:240:18
5ARMSTRONG LanceUSAAST8:50:370:31
6DI LUCA DaniloITALPR8:50:460:40
7POPOVYCH YaroslavUKRAST8:50:500:44
9GRIVKO AndriyUKRISD8:50:510:45
10GAVAZZI FrancescoITALAM8:50:580:52
11POZZATO FilippoITAKAT8:50:590:53
12PIETROPOLLI DanieleITALPR8:50:590:53
13BOSISIO GabrieleITALPR8:50:590:53
14GATTO OscarITAISD8:51:010:55
15PELLIZOTTI FrancoITALIQ8:51:040:58
16CUNEGO DamianoITALAM8:51:061:00
17MORI ManueleITALAM8:51:061:00
18BRUSEGHIN MarzioITALAM8:51:061:00
19GASPAROTTO EnricoITALAM8:51:061:00
20ROHREGGER ThomasAUTMRM8:51:131:07
21DEIGNAN PhilipIRLCTT8:51:131:07

Giro Stage 2

Giro Stage 1

18 days and counting.

 The older you get, the faster time seems to pass by. It seems as though it was a month or two ago that I returned home from the best week of my year. The best week every year. The week of the AIDS Ride. Not being able to wait would be a severe understatement. This is the ultimate week of cycling for my friends and I. Yes, its a great chance to raise money for the common good. Yes, it helps out millions of people in need. But at the end of the day, its a week of fully supported cycling. All 600 miles are beautiful. The coast, the mountains of Santa Cruz, the vineyards, the beach.....So its that time of the year again, and I cant believe it's only 18 days away. Hopefully I will be able to raise all the money needed to participate ($3000). It gonna be close this year as most people are a bit worse off then previous years. Either fucking goin.
Although time does seem to fly when you get older, there are still a few things that can take your flying, and turn it into a snails pace. One such thing would be the waiting for the parts to your new bike. This has made life stop. What was supposed to be here last Friday, now wont be here till Wednesday. Argh. So time is ticking by ever so slowly. That is, until I get my new machine......then life will resume back to its week stealing pace.  Until then........

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pop Quiz

  If  you wanted to move out of your house,  didn't want to pay a mover, yet only had a four door car to move with.....would you be able to do it, and how many trips would it take?

YES!!! and ONE trip.........

Friday, May 1, 2009

I Made It!!!!

You know they say that some things are a blessing in disguise. Had it not been for me getting fired, I would have never been able to get the acclaimed Blue Star Achievement Award from Ebay.  Chew on it bitches......