Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sunday Muddy Sunday

2010 CX season has officially come to a close and when I tell you that we went out with a bang...I assure you....we went out with a bang. As you know, life is a series of lessons learned and although I made it through most of the season only learning small lessons....this last Sunday was a day of real proper lessons. Let me share.

1. when racing in the mud, or dirt, or any surface for that  matter, dont...I repeat DONT remove your brakes before the race starts. Im an idiot. So when I hear a few people in the parking lot say stuff like,"there was so much mud on my bike and in my brakes that I virtually didnt need them."  the word "virtually" can some times be mistaken for "literally". Just want to take a side note here and say that I ate a little pain killer candy about 20 minutes ago and I feel delicious right now. totally forgot what I was talking about. oh well. Dont take the brakes off your bikes.

2. dont run into trees.  this might tie into #1, but im high right now so let me melt to myself.

3. judges are important people with power. When  you power slide into a puddle and get them dirty, they are most likely gonna be pissed. but im high so I dont care.

4. If you do break your hand. Ask for these, and thank me after you're done itching.

Here are some more photos from the day. Good times. Good drugs.